Different Types Of Commercial Door Locks

What Are Commercial-grade Locks?

A commercial grade lock has higher ratings according to the Builders Home Manufacturers Association, the main trade association for producers of hardware for building. The requirements of commercial locks and security equipment differ significantly from the requirements of residential locks. If you're concerned regarding the security of your workplace then you must install a security-grade door lock.

To ensure that you're creating the most secure space in your office, locate a trustworthy Car Locksmith. Locks are crucial to any security. To get optimal outcomes, it is recommended to select the highest quality door locks. The increasing necessity for strength, flexibility in logistics, and a systematic approach to security in a commercial environment is a requirement that commercial and business locksmiths utilize particular types of hardware ordinary Joe might not be acquainted with.

The Most Popular Types Of Commercial Door Locks

You can secure your property by locking the doors, as when you lock your doors, nobody can get in without keys. Certain locks are better suited for homes, while certain ones are best suited for commercial ones. Here are the most popular types of door locks used for commercial doors.


Cylindrical Locks For Cylindrical Levers

  • This is the most frequently utilized commercial door lock that was developed by locksmiths. They have a distinctive lock lever that can be extended to a locking mechanism on the opposite side. They aren't designed intended for commercial use they have seen them in residential properties. The property manager or homeowner can ask locksmiths to install the lock. 
  • These types of commercial door locks are typically used for doors on the exterior like front entryways and service entrances as they are more secure than the standard knob handles and are available in a variety of designs. Sometimes, a key and push-button are also utilized to operate the lock. If you evaluate the costs the push-button and key are frequently thought to be the most affordable of all.

Mortise Locks

  • Certainly, the cylindrical lever lock is the most popular, however, Mortise locks are the most popular door locks. Mortise locks are usually employed on commercial doors with large openings and installation is easy. 
  • They are also available in a variety of styles to allow you to adapt them to your architectural style and design. 
  • They are able to stand up to constant and continuous usage. Additionally, they are suitable for locations where there is a high volume of pedestrians. Mortise locks are a great source of security against burglaries.
  • They are easy to install by experts, with only minimal drilling or cutting. The deadbolt in this lock is hidden within the body of the lock and is therefore more secure as well as more resistant to entry by force. Additionally, it lasts for a long time. For security, as in the picture, you will not have a better option.

Keypad Door Lock

  • Keypad Door Locks are the most popular commercial door locks that are used in drug stores, gas stations, and other establishments in which theft is a major issue. But, most doors are employed to protect commercial purposes due to their unique attributes. In short, Keypad door locks can be used to protect your commercial premises in which you allow many employees. To increase security keypad locks can be programmed to lock after a specified time and automatically.
  • They also provide an audit trail to record when keys are utilized. Certain keypad locks are keyless, which means the lock is not able to be removed, manipulated, or damaged by conventional methods. But, these keyless door locks require biometric locks. 
  • You will be considered if Emergency Lockout in Los Angeles biometric signature is in line with the lock. Similar to any door lock used in commercials, electronic locks should be placed at eye level so that it makes them accessible while working at a counter, or working station.

Electric Strike Locks

  • They are electronic locks for doors. A standard door lock that is secure enough that it is able to be used in a variety of commercial applications. In both residential and commercial settings, the locks have a long-standing history. 
  • These kinds of locks have seen a rise in popularity over the years. These locks are great for protecting your office or store in the market. Additionally, these locks can be useful in structures that receive a significant amount of pedestrians. 
  • The door is still locked and authorized users can unlock the door by pressing a button. 
  • The electric strike may be equipped with a pad on which people can use keys to open the door. While not all the time the typical commercial door lock is helpful but you should consider the reason for your use thoroughly and then select an appropriate lock for your door from the list.

Panic Bars

  • Panic bars can also be referred to as crash bars. In accordance with the name, they were created. 
  • The panic bar, also known as the crash bar is commonly found in commercial establishments. For opening a door with one of these, simply need to push into it. They also serve for emergencies. 
  • They are typically utilized at main exit points, where a massive crowd gathers simultaneously. 
  • The door locks are the most recent and have been around for a while. 
  • This kind of lock is sleek and small which makes it simple to squeeze into small areas. 
  • It's also simple to operate; simply pull down when you want to open or shut the door. Because they're generally set close to the ground, they're useful for people with disabilities as well as guests. The electric strike lock permits the business to limit access.